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Hearing Health Life Hacks

Posted by Heaing Solutions on May 9, 2017 1:04:00 PM

As part of May's Better Hearing Month Initiative, we back with some hearing health life hacks to keep you going.

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Did You Know? Hearing Aids Can Help Boost Brain Function

Posted by Heaing Solutions on May 2, 2017 1:37:00 PM

May is Better Hearing Month!

Tw entieth century neuroscience has discovered something really astonishing: specifically that your brain can change itself well into adulthood. Whereas in the early 1900s it was assumed that the brain stopped changing in adolescence, we now acknowledge that the brain reacts to change all through life.
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Why choose a hearing aid over a psap?

Posted by Heaing Solutions on Apr 10, 2017 11:51:00 AM

Know the Facts About PSAPS

Have you ever see a commercial marketing PSAPs, or personal sound amplification products, guaranteeing an improvement to hearing for as little as 20 dollars? It sounds like a excellent bargain—particularly when compared to the hefty selling price of a hearing aid.

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Hearing Solutions vs. Big Box Hearing Aids

Posted by Heaing Solutions on Mar 16, 2017 9:29:39 AM

With pending changes to medical device classification like hearing aids, consumers are faced with more and more options on how to deal with hearing loss. As more options become available there are things you need to consider with where and how you are buying your hearing aids. Can you buy hearing aids at your local Big Box store? Yes. Are the hearing aids you get from the Big Box store as good as getting them from a licensed hearing aid dispenser? Sometimes. Will the the Big Box store provide you with the type of service and care needed to keep your hearing aids working towards the optimal outcome? Absolutely not. 

When thinking about where to buy a hearing aid, there is a quick question you should ask yourself, "Do I want to buy a medical device to help me hear better at the same place I buy my toilet paper in bulk?" The answer to that question is probably, or at the very least should be, a resounding no. When buying a medical device like a hearing aid, you need to go through an Audiologist or Hearing Instrument Specialist, both of which we have on staff at Hearing Solutions. 

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18 everyday sounds that can hurt your hearing

Posted by Heaing Solutions on Mar 10, 2017 12:54:54 PM

At Hearing Solutions we are always working with our patients to help keep their hearing aids working for an optimal experience. But when you are just starting to experience hearing loss (or better yet don't have a hearing loss yet), here are 18 sounds you experience every day that can hurt your hearing.

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The Cochlear Implant | Hearing Solutions Ohio

Posted by Heaing Solutions on Feb 16, 2017 9:57:00 AM

Cochlear implants are small, electronic devices that provide awareness and understanding of sound to those who do not enjoy the benefits of sound with hearing aids. An implant bypasses impaired inner ear structures.

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Home Appliances causing hearing loss? | Hearing Solutions Ohio

Posted by Heaing Solutions on Feb 13, 2017 4:30:17 PM

In our world today, sound is all around us. Sometimes, we give no thought about what we use every day that could, over time, damage our hearing.

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Hearing Loss: What to Know | Hearing Solutions Ohio

Posted by Heaing Solutions on Feb 13, 2017 4:29:55 PM


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Hearing Loss and Personality Changes | Hearing Solutions

Posted by Heaing Solutions on Feb 13, 2017 4:29:41 PM

As people approach old age, they generally become less outgoing. New research shows that this change in personality is amplified among people with impaired hearing. The findings emphasize the importance of acknowledging and treating hearing loss in the elderly population.

The researchers studied 400 individuals 80-98 years old over a six-year period. Every two years, the subjects were assessed in terms of physical and mental measures as well as personality aspects such as extraversion, which reflects the inclination to be outgoing, and emotional stability. The results show that even if the emotional stability remained constant over the period, the participants became less outgoing.

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Posted by Heaing Solutions on Feb 13, 2017 4:29:24 PM


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